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Foreign Affair news
PM meets Russian, Australian counterparts (13-11-2014)
(VNA) - Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung met his Russian and Australian counterparts in Myanmar ’s capital city Nay Pyi Taw on November 12 to discuss boosting bilateral ties.

* PM attends ASEAN summits with partners (13-11-2014)
* Viet Nam pushes for wide-ranging TPP deal (11-11-2014)
* State President meets with US, Japan, Indonesian leaders (11-11-2014)
Embassy News
Viet Nam, South Africa enhance trade ties (07-10-2014)
(Viet Nam Embassy in South Africa) - Representatives from businesses of both Viet Nam and South Africa gathered at a trade forum held in Johannesburg on July 25 to promote their potential, and to study requisite procedures, to realise co-operative links in the future.

* Viet Nam’s Chairmanship at ASEAN Pretoria Committee hailed (07-10-2014)
* Vinh Phuc province calls for South African investment (07-10-2014)
* Viet Nam, South Africa share experiences in ethnic minority affairs (07-10-2014)
Other news
Remarks by MOFA Spokesperson Le Hai Binh on China’s illegal reclamation activities (06-11-2014)

* Remarks by MOFA Spokesperson Le Hai Binh on Chinese Taipei’s announcement of live-fire exercise on Taiping Island (i.e. Ba Binh Island in Viet Nam’s Truong Sa Archipelago) (04-11-2014)
* Remarks by MOFA Deputy Spokesperson Pham Thu Hang on sexual assault against Vietnamese citizen in Malaysia (31-10-2014)
* Remarks of MOFA Spokesperson Le Hai Binh on terrorist attacks in northern Sinai Peninsula (28-10-2014)