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Foreign Affair news
PM calls for sustainable management of Mekong River water (22-12-2014)
(VNA) - Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has called on all Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) member countries to raise the sense of responsibility for managing and using the Mekong River water resources in a sustainable manner while preserving good values of the river.

* President receives US, Panamanian, Qatar Ambassadors (17-12-2014)
* Viet Nam, UAE to boost trade, investment, labour cooperation (17-12-2014)
* Viet Nam, Republic of Korea conclude free trade agreement talks (11-12-2014)
Embassy News
Viet Nam, South Africa enhance trade ties (07-10-2014)
(Viet Nam Embassy in South Africa) - Representatives from businesses of both Viet Nam and South Africa gathered at a trade forum held in Johannesburg on July 25 to promote their potential, and to study requisite procedures, to realise co-operative links in the future.

* Viet Nam’s Chairmanship at ASEAN Pretoria Committee hailed (07-10-2014)
* Vinh Phuc province calls for South African investment (07-10-2014)
* Viet Nam, South Africa share experiences in ethnic minority affairs (07-10-2014)
Other news
Remarks by MOFA Deputy Spokesperson Pham Thu Hang on 18th December 2014 (18-12-2014)

* Remarks by MOFA Spokesperson Le Hai Binh on the South China Sea Arbitration case (11-12-2014)
* Remarks by MOFA Spokesperson Le Hai Binh on November 20, 2014 (20-11-2014)
* Remarks by MOFA Spokesperson Le Hai Binh on China’s illegal reclamation activities (06-11-2014)