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Foreign Affair news
Party leader congratulates ruling Indian party chief (22-07-2014)

* Sri Lanka, Viet Nam need to fight crimes together: Deputy PM (22-07-2014)
* PM receives former US President Clinton (21-07-2014)
* Viet Nam – UK’s priority partner in Southeast Asia: Ambassador (21-07-2014)
Embassy News
Viet Nam, South Africa intensify judicial cooperation (09-10-2013)
Cape Town, September 28 (VNA) – A delegation representing the Vietnamese National Assembly’s Committee for Justice paid a working visit to South Africa from September 22-27 to seek cooperation opportunities between the two countries in the judicial sector.

* Party delegation visits South Africa (09-10-2013)
* Ceremony to celebrate National Day, 2 September, 2012 in the Embassy of Viet Nam in the Republic of South Africa (04-09-2012)
Other news
Geneva Conference 1954: Lessons for Viet Nam’s diplomatic sector (21-07-2014)
Nhan Dan Online – Sixty years have passed after the Geneva Agreement signed, with changes of the international situation as well as Viet Nam's position. Peace, co-operation and development have become the trend and great aspiration of countries. However, the complicated impacts of the changing world situation still pose significant challenges for the national development. Precious lessons from the Geneva Conference preserve their values for foreign affairs nowadays.

* Remarks by FM Spokesman Le Hai Binh on Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash (21-07-2014)
* Remarks by FM Spokesman Le Hai Binh on Japanese FM Press Announcement regarding Viet Nam ODA-funded projects (21-07-2014)
* Safeguarding national sovereignty - a sacred mission: PM (21-07-2014)